Last of the Cold War Warriors

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"Yitzhak and I still keep in touch and exchange Christmas and Jewish New Year cards. He now has four daughters, but still no son as insurance against his old age. I make no secret of the fact I rate Mossad very highly. Mossad's intelligence gathering capabilities are second to none. They allegedly informed the CIA and FBI in August 2001 that as many as two hundred terrorists were on US soil. Mossad's intelligence indicated terrorists were planning an attack on a major American target. The Mossad warning was ignored. One month later, the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were attacked..." "Last of the Cold War Warriors" is set in the shadows of the world of intelligence. It covers two decades of international Intelligence Services' covert operations worldwide, from East Germany to South Africa, from Russia to Morocco. The author has retired to a small, quiet moorland village, where ninety per-cent of its inhabitants are unaware of his existence. As he himself stated: "Old habits die hard..." It is necessary for this book to be classified as "Faction", not least because of a small problem known as The Official Secrets Act. It falls upon the reader to determine which parts are fact and which fiction...


Publisher -

Author(s) - Sean Collins


Published Date -

ISBN - 9781780354262

Dimensions - 19.7 x 13.2 x 2.6 cm

Page Count - 284

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