Islam, Peace and Social Justice

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Islam, Peace and Social Justice examines the ways in which Islamic cultures have dealt with issues of social justice historically and culturally. With unwavering fairness, the author helps readers of any faith to gain a nuanced and accurate understanding of the challenges that we face in contemporary multifaith engagements. Dr van Gorder offers a comprehensive and sympathetic Christian insight into Islam. The contentious issues of social justice that are encountered in this broad, yet intricate, study include the concept of Jihad, poverty, political oppression, human rights, genocide, racism, sexual injustice, homophobia, and environmental degradation. The challenges are real and the problems are vast; partnerships and solutions must be found - people of faith, Muslim, Jewish and Christian, must find ways to work together to address these shared challenges. This work exposes misrepresentations and stereotypes about Islamic views of social justice that abound in Europe and North America. The author encourages a deeper appreciation of how themes of social justice resound through Islamic texts and have been expressed both in the contemporary and historical life of various and diverse Islamic communities worldwide. This important book dissects modern ideas about Islam and Islamic culture, and emphasises the real goal of partnership in a pluralistic world. Islam, Peace and Social Justice will broaden the understanding of students and lecturers of religious studies, history and social sciences, as well as the general reader.


Publisher -

Author(s) - A. Christian /David M. Van Gorder / Shenk | Chris Van Gorder


Published Date - May 29 2014

ISBN - 9780227174227

Dimensions - 23.4 x 15.6 x 1.5 cm

Page Count - 291

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