Inside Pegasus


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What more could you want than us – your cousins? And an equestrian centre where you can spend the rest of your life?

But it wasn’t enough for Caroline. It wasn’t what she dreamed of. And so she strikes out. She will train to be a riding instructor. It is much, much tougher than she thought it would be. The siren call of her cousins is still there – will Caroline resist?

As well as rounding the Showing series off rather nicely, this book is an interesting dive into the authorial process. Much of it was re-used as Ticket to Ride, part of the Eventers series. We felt Inside Pegasus could, however, stand on its own, and it does allow the Showing series characters their final say.

Included too are articles by Caroline Akrill on her first novel, by Karen Bush on life as a working pupil, and by Jane Badger on a real-life training establishment: Porlock Vale. This paperback version also has all the original illustrations.

The book was written in the 1980s, so readers today should note that attitudes towards riding were often rather different to today!


Publisher - Jane Badger Books

Author(s) - Caroline Akrill | Elaine Roberts


Published Date - December 10 2021

ISBN - 9781914389054

Dimensions - 20.3 x 12.7 x 0.8 cm

Page Count - 140

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