In the Steps of the Templars


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In the Steps of the Templar The History of the Masonic Orders of Knights Templar and Knights of Malta This comprehensive, authoritative, up to date history of the Masonic Knight Templar and Knights of Malta covers everything from the crusading Orders of Knighthood from which the modern Masonic Templar Orders drew their inspiration through to the present day. The author’s vast knowledge and love for the chivalric orders really shines through on every page of this enthralling volume as the reader is taken on a journey of discovery. Learn the story of the founding of the Masonic Knights Templar and meet the characters who were key to its inspiration and evolution. Discover the earliest existent Masonic Knight Templar rituals and see the variations through time. Find out what elements of the Chivalric Crusading Orders of Knighthood have become part of the traditions of the Masonic Orders. Gain insight into the regalia of the orders and discover how it has changed over the years. Read the explanation of the relationship between the Camp of Baldwyn and the orders. See when and how the Knights of Malta Ritual was incorporated. With details on the expansion of the Masonic Orders of the Temple and Malta and their situation today.


Publisher - Lewis Masonic

Author(s) - Brian W Price


Published Date -

ISBN - 9780853185963

Dimensions - 24.8 x 16.8 x 3.1 cm

Page Count - 500

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