I'm Going to Have a Brother


Title: Paperback
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Benji can't contain his excitement about becoming a big brother. He dreams of all the adventures they'll have together, from building rockets to racing bikes. However, when the long-awaited day finally arrives, things take an unexpected turn.

Will he ever get to play with his little brother?

Through its charming rhymes and adorable illustrations, I'
m Going to Have a Brother sensitively explores the emotions of an older sibling adjusting to the presence of a new baby in the family.

What Makes 'I’m Going to Have a Brother' the ideal choice?

? Empowering messages: It teaches that patience and understanding are key to building a loving sibling relationship.
? Fun and engaging rhymes.
? Engaging age-appropriate illustrations and high-quality design.
? Perfect gift: Looking for a present for a new sibling or parent? This is the perfect book to prepare them for the new arrival.

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Publisher - Teenyverse Press

Author(s) - Laura Diebelius | Francesca Watt


Published Date - March 21 2024

ISBN - 9781399982832

Dimensions - 21.6 x 21.6 x 0.2 cm

Page Count - 31

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