ICELAND and FAROES ... in a VW Camper


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Paul and Sheila first explored Iceland in 1972 on a self-organised back-packing expedition. Now 45 years later they return to Iceland, this time in their much-travelled VW Campervan, stopping off on the way to explore the Faroe Islands.

This book follows their five month long journey around Iceland and Faroes … travelling in the footsteps of Vikings. Their detailed travelogues give insightful coverage and analysis of their journey of discovery; the places they visited, the sights they witnessed, and the people they met.

Paul's interest is in their host country's history, culture and language; Sheila's in its wild-life, geology and volcanism. Reflecting these respective interests, the book details Iceland's turbulent history from its 9th century Viking settlement, its long centuries of foreign occupation and exploitation, through to its final emergence as an independent European sovereign republic in 1944. The book also includes coverage of Iceland's geology, volcanism and glaciology.

Accompanying the travelogues, the book includes an unparalleled photographic record, not only illustrating the travels but also of the wild-flora, bird-life and fauna of Iceland. The travelogues are also fully mapped, enabling the reader to accompany the authors in a meaningful way on their journey.

The result is a uniquely comprehensive guide and reference book for Iceland produced by seasoned travellers.



Author(s) - Paul and Sheila Barker


Published Date - 30 September 2022

ISBN - 9781739134709

Dimensions - 29.7 x 21 x 2.4 cm

Page Count - 544

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