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Follow Paul Fowler's story as he gets a longed-for promotion to Sales Manager. It turns out to be a rougher ride than he expected, and in the process he learns how to effectively manage the same people he once worked alongside. Michael Baker and James Davies use a story-telling style to demonstrate the principles of PAMBO - a method of performance management that Michael has been using to great effect in UK businesses for many years. This easy to read story highlights the pitfalls of first-time managers, and through clever narrative and the guiding hand of Jan, Paul discovers powerful, simple tools to help him manage people better. The authors have woven a story together that you'll find yourself reading through very quickly, but reflecting on and using in practice every day after. You can't help but think in terms of PAMBO when you manage your interactions with other people in any circumstances where performance is a key objective. Written for new managers making their early steps into management, this book provides a framework for management that can be absorbed and implemented very quickly. This book is equally useful for Management Trainers who want to inspire their Trainee Managers through the proven, and highly effective, method of story-telling


Publisher -

Author(s) - Michael Baker James Davies


Published Date - February 18 2016

ISBN - 9780992763510

Dimensions - 20.3 x 12.7 x 1.2 cm

Page Count - 148

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