Green Hauntings - New & Selected Poems 2006-2016 Alan Morrison


Title: Hardback
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Green Hauntings draws selections from four of Alan Morrison’s first six full volumes of poetry: The Mansion Gardens (2006), A Tapestry of Absent Sitters (2009), Blaze a Vanishing and The Tall Skies (2013), and Shadows Waltz Haltingly (2015)—published by Paula Brown Publishing, Waterloo Press, and Lapwing Publications, respectively.

The title Green Hauntings alludes to past poems of a younger self returning to ‘haunt’ the present, as well as to the ghostly quality of much of the poet’s earlier more (‘covert’) pastoral, even gothic, poetry—a recrudescent hauntedness which, partly prompted by the 2020-21 pandemic, has resurfaced in his most recent verse, hence the inclusion of some similarly-toned poems as supplemental complement.


Publisher - Caparison

Author(s) - Alan Morrison


Published Date - September 19 2022

ISBN - 9781838496623

Dimensions - 23.4 x 15.6 x 2.1 cm

Page Count - 322

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