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We are to take a stand on behalf of America. The real red, white and blue would bleed through those who stand as real watchman of the Lord. God is raising up the ministry to be like these men and women of God. This is a critical hour and we've got to understand what a Watchman is. God is also going to have me talk about Gatekeepers. God spoke that there was a gate over this region and this gate was being unlatched and beginning to open. One thing I want you to understand is that we have to have gatekeepers as well. In other words, we have to keep watch of what's going and coming from Heaven, because not only does good come and go from Heaven but evil comes and goes from the second Heaven. Let me tell you there are some things I will talk about as well that have to do with Israel. We would not have many of the things going on in America if we would back Israel the way we are supposed to. If the President would take a stand with Israel and say that no matter what we are not going to allow anyone to take any more of their land. I have specific quotes out of the mouth of this man and we are going to talk about some of this stuff. President Obama has said some things and we have to take a stand where he hasn't even stood behind his own words. If you say well "I'm pro Obama" well then you are not going to like me to much. Listen it's not about Republican or Democrat. It's about right or wrong. It's about what's going on in the Bible and how they line up. When I vote I do not go by anything but beliefs now. I have to vote for the lesser of two evils. Why? Because you can't get a Politian who believes right. Mickey Mouse would have better luck in the White House right now. What are we supposed to consider when we go vote? One is abortion, another should be freedom of religion and another one is same sex marriage. Obama and other Presidents have taken away from freedom of religion. The Laws are changing to where Churches of a certain status cannot preach certain things. If they do they can lose their status, Church or even get a hefty fine. That is the same as communism. Same sex marriage we already know where Obama stands on that. There have been more of these types of weddings over the last ten years. I can't just blame Obama. Then we get to the next one abortion. There is more legalized abortion and the morning after pill. Why don't we just give mothers a gun and let them kill their babies if they don't want them. What about the dumpster baby dumps? This is the United States of America where freedom is supposed to reign. We are supposed to be men and women of valor; we were established of God and Godly principles in God We Trust and we are now a Nation of hypocritic (Hypocrites) oath. I meant to say that. We are going to understand some things and we are going to get into some things. I want you to understand before I get into it. I don't watch the news all year long. I don't look for news. I don't watch about Israel. God told me that we were going to have this conference and I didn't even begin to press in for it until the week of. All this time all I was getting is Words of Knowledge. God would speak a Word and I would write it down. The week of the Conference I sat down and sought the Lord concerning Words He had spoken and it all unfolded for what He wanted to speak concerning Sounding the Alarm. Alarmists are always looking for an alarm. A real Watchman watches and waits in the Spirit. We could watch the News and get stirred real quickly. I could watch the news for a half hour and have all kinds of sermons. It's not about stirring my soul up to release this stuff. I'm not that kind of preacher. I love to preach about Revival and prophesy about what God's going to do but it is time to Sound the Alarm directed by the Holy Spirit. Previously published as "The Watchman of the Lord Series" revised and combined as Global Warning.


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Author(s) - Bill Vincent


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ISBN - 9781312069152

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Page Count - 154

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