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Title: Spiral Bound
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Teaching your kids how to cook is a gift that pays back generously before you know it! However, it can be tough to find the energy or know where to start sometimes. This cookbook has more than just recipes, it also has videos to teach your kids how to cook and take the thinking out of it for you. From as young as 2 years old, kids love getting to see other kids cooking and doing what they’re doing. The more the kids want to cook along, the more likely they are to at least try the dish, or the individual ingredients, which are both excellent steps in the right direction.  


The videos make it easy to simply hit play when you start cooking and listen in while you cook in real-time with Ashley and one of her Generation Food Kids. You’ll pick up new ways of doing things to save you time, and new ways of communicating about food with your kids. The kids will learn skills that they will have for life and eventually, they’ll be cooking FOR you! Bring your cookbook to life with virtually free cooking lessons for the whole family AND get something yummy to enjoy in the process. 


The recipes in the generation food world include real food, and mostly all wholefood ingredients.  Even the desserts have more nutrition than regular versions! The best part though is that they are all kid approved! Even the pickiest of eaters can come around by involving them in the kitchen and allowing them to experience the whole creative process of cooking. Tasting, trying, touching, and otherwise experiencing new foods is one of the most valuable parts for kids. In the event that they don’t like a particular food, despite many attempts, all the recipes are flexible and alternative ideas and substitutions are given. 


Although no one need be any the wiser, the recipes are all gluten free, dairy free, processed sugar free, and vegetarian. There are substitution ideas for nuts in most cases as well. Ashley is a firm believer that if she can create a recipe that tastes good (and is nutritionally ‘balanced’) without using the common food triggers, then we all win with the option to choose. We can choose to enjoy it as is without worry, or we can easily add in our favourite ‘extras’ such as cheese, meat, etc. Improving your overall skills in the kitchen not only brings the power to choose but also flexibility, creative potential, and much more fun!


Dive in with a highly versatile dairy-free cheese sauce; eat a rainbow as a wrap; go savoury or sweet with high-protein scrumpets; or have a party with monkey pops! There are exciting and delicious adventures right around the (page) corner.



Publisher - The Kitchen Coach

Author(s) - Danielle Lojek | Michael Smith | Kaye Homecillo | Megan Janice | Aimee Finch

Spiral Bound

Published Date - October 11 2023

ISBN - 9780648221159

Dimensions - 27.9 x 21.6 x 0.6 cm

Page Count - 82

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