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This book is unique in that it the only book available that gives a clear and full description of modern British game bird shooting.It also gives a full, but very easy to follow introduction to the beginning of game shooting in Britain including a chronological description of the development to the modern day format.There are chapters that fully introduce the reader to the techniques and skills required to cope with the shooting challenges presented by modern Partridge and Pheasant driven shooting.There are techniques and tips that all levels of game shooters will appreciate and benefit from; particularly the guidance offered to master the particular challenges of very high birds.The chapters that cover equipment and clothing will answer all the common questions about which guns to use and what to wear.For the curious and wisest participants in game shooting; there is a chapter that covers all aspects of the game keepers year that provides a comprehensive picture of what goes on 'behind the scenes'.All aspects of preparing for modern British game shooting are strongly supported by very clear diagrams and full colour pictures.The book culminates with a table of mouth-watering game bird recipes.An invaluable addition to any game shooters library.


Publisher -

Author(s) - John King


Published Date - August 28 2013

ISBN - 9780992629205

Dimensions - 24 x 19.4 x 1 cm

Page Count - 162

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