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Title: Wire Bound
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If you find traditional diaries and planners don’t get used and you are looking for a simple solution to help you create more focus and be more productive with your time, this planner is designed just for you.

Why Focus Daily?

It can be hard to find the time to plan. But you know that you need to! 

Focusing can be hard. That’s why we have designed this planner to give you just one thing to focus on each day (with a chance to add other tasks and activities if you want to). Just focusing on one thing will massively increase your chances of getting to where you want to.

You know that planning will help you to get more stuff done, but the standard planners and diaries just don’t work for you or you pick it up, use it for 2-3 days and then it gets put on the shelf and is quickly out of date.

So I designed this planner to be the perfect planner for someone just like you.

It is flexible.

It doesn’t matter if you miss a day or two or thirty.

You can pick it up and start using it any time.

There is space for notes and reflections every day - but it doesn’t dictate what you need to write.

This planner has 90 days worth of pages. Use it to plan and act on your daily tasks and achieve more.

A Planner That Works with You

  • 90-Day Format: Short enough to maintain focus, yet long enough to see significant progress.
  • Undated Pages: Start whenever you're ready, without the pressure of specific dates.
  • 2-Day Spread: Ample space for each day, ensuring you never feel cramped or restricted.
  • Habit Planner & Tracker: Cultivate new habits and keep track of your daily routines with ease.
  • Daily Task Tracking: Break down your goals into manageable tasks and tick them off as you conquer each day.
  • Focus Section: A dedicated area to zero in on your priorities, helping you to channel your energies where they're needed most.
  • Reflections: Space to ponder and document the wins, the challenges, and the lessons learnt.


Perfect for Personal and Business Use

Whether it's keeping track of business meetings, setting personal milestones, or simply organizing your daily to-do lists, this planner adapts to your needs. It's more than just a planner; it will help you stay productive, focused, and on track towards your aspirations.

Designed for Flexibility and Simplicity

With a clean, simple layout, the Focus Daily Planner will reduce overwhelm and enhance clarity. The ample notes section provides space for your thoughts, ideas, and reflections, making it the perfect place to put down your rampant thoughts.


Publisher - Paper and Bird Place

Author(s) - Julie Hall

Wire Bound

Published Date - January 16 2024

ISBN - 9781915258045

Dimensions - 22.9 x 15.2 x 1.1 cm

Page Count - 191

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