Everybody Has to Cry Sometime Parts 1 & 2

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Kenny Rodgers was born and bred in Ayrshire, Scotland. His parents were 'ordinary folk' but extra-ordinary human beings. By modern standards Kenny comes from a huge family - he has five brothers and five sisters. Kenny is married to Nancy and has two sons, Gary and Greg. These are Kenny's memoirs and memories of his life and the 'family'. They are not 'kiss and tell' or tittle-tattle, but real, at times raw, relevant and readable experiences of life and death. Part 1 reflects childhood in a bygone age of the 1960s and '70s; Scottish culture; education; sport; rural, town and city life. It recalls briefly the words of the National Bard (Robert Burns) and the words and deeds of modern day bigots and alcoholics. It recounts the real local characters of the day and recognises courage in the face of the deaths of friends and family from still-birth; teenage cancer; 'toxic shock'; a subarachnoid haemorrhage; cancer in maturity; suspected SARS and mercifully 'old age'. Part 1 weaves its way through the challenge of change in life and work and captures the disappearance of the picture house and the appearance of the complexes; the demise of the co-operatives and the birth of the multiples; the death-knell of board games and the discovery of the skaters and skate-boarders and the degeneration of politics and the regeneration of community spirit and consciousness. In film terms Part 2 of Kenny's book would be more 'Three Funerals and a Wedding' than 'Three Weddings and a Funeral' but it is not about doom and gloom. It is about life and changes in life which ultimately affect individuals, families, wider communities and ultimately society. Part 2 covers from 2004 to the beginning of 2013. Life goes on and repeats itself but not in the same 'ground-hog day' fashion. New local heroes bring out the best in people to help other people. Careers are carved out and re-carved out as renewal follows redundancy. A young life is saved by two young 'unsung heroes'. Sporting success and unexpected victories are recorded in 'tales of the unexpected'. Unfairness and alleged bullying are challenged in a 'David and Goliath' struggle. The Town of Darvel faces up to a 'lace industry past' and a 'festival future'. Part 2 reflects nearly nine years of good luck, bad luck and the fortunes of the family as one generation approached its end and the new generation embarked on the first stage of life to come. The cycle of life turns in the sure and certain knowledge that, 'Everybody has to Cry Sometime'.


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Author(s) - J Kenneth Rodgers


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ISBN - 9781780356501

Dimensions - 19.7 x 13.2 x 2.6 cm

Page Count - 314

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