Eve of Forgiveness: A Journalist's Journey

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With almost half a century in journalism 28 years news reporting; 20 in horse racing Roy Briggs has a fascinating life story. From humble beginnings, the steelworker's son, born with deformed feet, lost his mother at two years old and faced verbal bullying on a daily basis before overcoming adversity by turning to God. Trapped in an engineering course at school, he was rescued by a blackbird which nested in his home porch. This transformed Roy's life when featured in 'The Sheffield Star'. Switching courses to study shorthand/typing, he joined that same paper before starting his own news agency serving television, radio and national dailies. A Journalist's Journey embraces a wide variety of human interest stories, some bizarre, humorous and tragic, whilst his racing career saw the launch of a successful media campaign to expose a scandal involving cruelty to racehorses. His autobiography carries an awesome message on forgiveness. Roy disowned his father after he tried to cheat him of an inheritance from a relative of his late Mother. Over 30 years later a spiritual experience "The word of The Lord came to me and I obeyed" prompted him to finally forgive. Within days a relative of his father died resulting in the writer receiving a second legacy. The author will make a donation to Cancer Research UK from every book sold.


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Author(s) - Roy Briggs


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ISBN - 9781780352459

Dimensions - 23.4 x 15.6 x 1.9 cm

Page Count - 235


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ISBN - 9781780352466

Dimensions - 23.4 x 15.6 x 2.2 cm

Page Count - 235

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