Ethereal Awakening


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In the shattered remnants of the New Pacific Alliance, where danger lurks in every shadowed alley, Cora, an orphan with an unknown legacy, has honed her skills in the martial arts, unaware of the dormant power within her. This is a world of a post-apocalyptic dystopia where the lines between human and monster blur, and the fight for survival becomes as ethereal as the artifacts Cora wields.

When a bizarre zombie infection decimates her happy-and-simple martial art academy life, Cora is thrust into a brutal reality where her once-ignored abilities awaken, transforming mundane items into potent weapons known as "Ethereal Artifacts." These powers make her a beacon for hidden enemies, propelling her on a perilous journey through the ruins of society to uncover the truth behind the outbreak and her own extraordinary destiny.

As the city becomes a battleground overrun by zombies and marred by the darkness of human nature, Cora is drawn to a mysterious young man whose fate is intertwined with her own. Together, they face the horrors that have taken over their school and city, leading to a devastating choice that will change the world forever.

Through adversity, Cora's journey is one of transformation—from an outcast with an unsociable personality to a confident warrior standing at the heart of a shattered world. Her story intertwines with newfound allies and enemies, romance, and the relentless pursuit of truth behind the zombie outbreak.

"Ethereal Awakening" is the first electrifying installment in the "Ethereal Artifacts" series, perfect for fans of dystopian societies, post-apocalyptic adventures, and powerful female leads. Join Cora as she wields her Ethereal Artifacts against the darkness, navigating a post-apocalyptic dystopia where each decision could mean the difference between survival and oblivion.

Grab the book and dive into the adventure, unravel the mysteries, and witness the awakening. Your journey into the Ethereal begins now!


Publisher - The Great British Book Shop

Author(s) - Jennifer Wells


Published Date - June 01 2024

ISBN - 9604597000026

Dimensions - 22.9 x 15.2 x 1.5 cm

Page Count - 260

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