Early Christianity in North Africa

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Along with the churches located in large Greek cities of the East, the church of Carthage was particularly significant in the early centuries of Christian history. Initially, the Carthaginian church became known for its martyrs. Later, the North African church became further established and unified through the regular councils of its bishops. Finally, the church gained a reputation for its outstanding leaders - Tertullian of Carthage c140-220, Cyprian of Carthage 195-258, and Augustine of Hippo 354-430 - African leaders who continued to be celebrated and remembered today. Fran?ois Decret's Early Christianity in North Africa has long been recognised as the best general overview of the early African church. After continuously recommending Decret's book to his students, Edward Smither recognised the demand for it to be made available in English translation, and in this title we see the fruits of his endeavours. Martyrs, exegetes, catechumens, and councils enlarge this study of North African Christianity, a region often reduced to its dominant patristic personalities. This quality translation of an important book captures the unique spirit of an invaluable chapter of church history.


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Author(s) - Francois Decret | Francois Decret | Francois Decret | Francois Decret | Francois Decret | Francois Decret


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ISBN - 9780227173565

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