Did You Win? Did You Score…?


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How can parents help their child to fulfil their potential both on and off the pitch and get the most out of our national sport? Every parent wants what's best for their child. Unfortunately, with very few resources available, parents of youth football players have had to mainly rely on guesswork, until now! Did You Win, Did You Score...? has 150 chapters to help guide parents through every step of their child's football journey and personal development both on and off the pitch. This book helps parents to understand the impact they can have, both positively and negatively, along with providing practical advice for helping their child to fulfil their potential and learn valuable life skills. This book will help parents facilitate a positive experience for their child and avoid the many unintentionally damaging behaviours that can lead to problems. It guides parents to help their child build positive characteristics for life such as resilience, confidence and a growth mindset along with helping them to be the best player they can be. It is as much about life as it is about football. It will help parents to enable their child to get the most out of the game to not only be the best player they can be on the pitch but also the best person they can be off it. Perry passes on his extensive knowledge and experience of working in grassroots and professional football for over twenty years and at every level of the game from beginners to Champions League winners. It can be read from cover to cover or used as a reference book to be delved into time and again throughout a child's football journey.


Publisher - Riverside Publishing Solutions Ltd

Author(s) - Perry Cocking


Published Date - November 01 2023

ISBN - 9781913012984

Dimensions - 23.4 x 15.6 x 2.6 cm

Page Count - 468

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