Delving Further Beyond the Craft

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Inspired by Keith Jackson’s classic book Beyond the Craft, Neville Barker Cryer delves further into the world of Freemasonry to investigate the origins and meaning of its some the most fascinating of misunderstood orders. In this historical guidebook to the Masonic Orders that are beyond the Craft this book Neville Barker Cryer researches this fascinating subject in more detail, and not only delves in depth into the history of each Order but also looks at the degree system and regalia of each Order. For the many Masons, unaware of how rich and varied the range of present-day Freemasonry, this book will be a fascinating read as it reveals the complexity of these Orders, many of which can trace a pedigree back to the earliest days of Freemasonry in England. Included here are histories of: The Mark Degrees The Ark Mariner The Secret Monitor The Cryptic Degrees The Allied Degrees (The Grand Tyler of Solomon, Knights of St Lawrence the Martyr, Knights of Constantinople, The Red Cross of Babylon and the Grand High Priest) The Ancient and Accepted Rite The Red Cross The Appendant Degree of the Holy Sepulchre and of St. John Evangelist The Knights Templar The Holy Royal Arch Knights Templar Priests This book Contains Fascinating Facts and valuable insights. For example:


Publisher - Lewis Masonic

Author(s) - Neville Barker Cryer


Published Date -

ISBN - 9780853183198

Dimensions - 21 x 14.8 x 0.5 cm

Page Count - 96

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