Dead Winter Bones


Title: Paperback
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The discovery of ancient bones leads to a modern-day killing spree.

When a dead body is found on the grounds of Liggan Manor, Malachite Peck is summoned. The lady of the manor insists the family wasn't involved, and wants Mal to prove it. Mal reluctantly agrees, she's bored and has too much time on her hands. But she is quickly dragged into a family tragedy and a cache of secrets hinting at a deadly plot.

The murmur of a new will introduces a surprise heir, igniting a desperate scramble for the vast estate, tearing generations apart. When a third body surfaces, it's clear that a lethal predator is stalking the Manor's hallowed corridors.

An unknown assailant is targeting the Liggan heirs in a grisly countdown. Can Malachite unmask the killer before the lineage is erased forever? The hunt is on...

Dive into the second book of the Golden Murders series and see if you can beat Mal to the murderer.


Publisher - Mudlark's Press

Author(s) - Liz Hurley


Published Date - December 16 2023

ISBN - 9781913628109

Dimensions - 19.8 x 12.9 x 1.9 cm

Page Count - 338

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