Coping with Difficult Families

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We all have family members who push our buttons. Some are poor communicators, others are anti-social, and the rest are out to make our lives a misery! With a strong emphasis on empathy and emotional intelligence, the book offers practical advice on how to break dysfunctional family dynamics, and interact effectively with other members. Topics include: the role of empathy family members with little or no empathy personality disorders including borderline personality disorder BPD, antisocial personality disorder AsPD and narcissistic personality disorder NPD empaths and super-empaths - superperceptive and sensitive people how to set boundaries and sever ties if need be overcoming emotional trauma


Publisher -

Language - English

Author(s) - Tim McGregor


Published Date - November 07 2014

ISBN - 9781847092984

Dimesions - 21.6 x 13.8 x 1 cm

Page Count - 144

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