Climate Change a wake up call

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Over the last eight years I have spent much time looking into some really important questions: why do we have a climate and how has it changed? what role has the human race played in these changes? what will be the consequences if we continue burning fossils fuels? can we produce enough renewable, carbon neutral energy for the future, allowing for an increase in world population and for economic growth? The challenge - if we are to limit the long term global temperature rise to just 1?C above the current level, then we need to take urgent action. By 2050 the world must be producing seven times the amount of renewables we use today . This means that over the next 35 years we will have to develop these sources of energy 12 times faster than we've done in the last 35 years. We have to act now - this is our wake-up call. Getting governments to adopt policies with long term benefits is always difficult when they involve major short term investment but getting international agreement on limiting global warming is crucial. National targets must be agreed as well as an effective means of monitoring and enforcing them. Agreement must be based on the long term interests of the world not just on what is best ?now, for me?. Seven countries, China, USA, India, Russia, Japan, Canada and South Korea plus the EU account for three quarters of current greenhouse gas emissions. Negotiations must begin by getting these parties to agree on targets for themselves. They must then meet these targets and get everyone else to follow suit.


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ISBN - 9781784561635

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