Chronology of The Angevins 1154-1216 & The Plantagenets 1216-1372

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The Angevins The Angevin Empire is a neologism defining the lands of the Plantagenets: Henry II and his sons Richard I and John. Another son Geoffrey II, Duke of Brittany ruled Brittany and established a separate line there. As far as historians know, there was no contemporary term for the region under Angevin control; however descriptions such as "our kingdom and everything subject to our rule whatever it may be" were used. The term Angevin Empire was coined by Kate Norgate in her 1887 publication, England under the Angevin Kings. In France, the term Espace Plantagen?t (Plantagenet Area) is sometimes used to describe the fiefdoms the Plantagenets had acquired.


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ISBN - 9781784560607

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