Christian Faith for Handing On

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What is the truth about the universe and its inhabitants? Helen Oppenheimer has carried out a balanced and rational inquiry into the existence of God to bring us closer to answering this question. Here she uses her findings to construct and argue her case for a responsible Christian faith, rooted firmly in the facts. Christian Faith for Handing On offers readers a progress report on the live possibility of faith in an era of human suffering that can, at times, seem to render it futile. The author deftly tackles difficult questions and deconstructs objections to Christianity to equip and reassure believers, showing how they can learn from the sceptics in order to eschew comfortable complacency in favour of reason. This engaging and thought-provoking work will grip and challenge thinking Christians and atheist enquirers alike with its current and comprehensive apologia for a Humanist Christian faith. Oppenheimer's scholarly approach ensures that the book will also prove an invaluable resource for academics and students of theology and philosophy.


Publisher -

Author(s) - Helen Oppenheimer


Published Date -

ISBN - 9780718893507

Dimensions - 22.9 x 15.2 x 0.9 cm

Page Count - 169

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