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Title: Wire Bound
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This songbook, written completely in Mandarin, allows children to explore, sing, and play traditional Chinese children's songs using the colors of the rainbow. You also will find standrd sheet music notation and jianpú notations. Each song is written in standard notation with lyrics and guitar graphic chords and is also presented with colors instead of notes - similar to the colors of, student handchimes, or rainbow-colored glockenspiels. The student is at the center of learning and engages them in musical understanding through positivity and play that takes children, whether in a group or individually, on a musical journey through the senses. The teacher's edition includes enough stickers to code 20 instruments.


Publisher - iEduarts

Author(s) - Joan Capafons

Wire Bound

Published Date - September 29 2021

ISBN - 9788409342402

Dimensions - 21 x 29.7 x 0.4 cm

Page Count - 56

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