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J. D. Clockman travels back in time to ancient Greece, destroys the Odyssey of Homer, and puts his own inferior product in its place. The reader is then taken on a mind-blowing full-colour tour of the momentous consequences for the history of western literature.

“We should be grateful for the average literature we have. Clockman shows how much worse it could have been. My only worry is, has he or she or it brought these alien books back to our timestream with him or her or it? If so, how to prevent the likely infection?” (Ian McMean, Mediocrity Monthly)

“In the alternative world Clockman has visited or brought into being, T. S. Eliot does not exist, but there seem to be six shades of him floating about, named variously Litotes and T. O. Ilets (both poets), Leo Tist and O. T. Tiles (both critics), Lost Tie (the cover designer) and (most shockingly) the clergyman Reverend Oletits. It’s a bit like finding a New Testament with a variety of protagonists called Chris Jusset, Sir Such Jest, Chess Jurist and E. J. Shitcruss. There is a hot fire waiting down below for the author of such an atrocity.” (The Archbishop of Canterbury, Heresy Hearsay


Publisher - JETSTONE

Author(s) - J D Clockman


Published Date - April 18 2024

ISBN - 9781910858172

Dimensions - 29.7 x 21 x 0.6 cm

Page Count - 100

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