Bearlands - Season One Paperback


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Tired, malnourished and running dangerously low on gasoline, Our Hero, The-Bear-With-No-Name takes refuge in Beartertown, a makeshift fortress ruled over by the machiavellian Father and his fearsome lackey, The Underbear. When nearby crazies The Ridgetown Raiders attack, he discovers that the Father may hold the key to bringing the bear responsible for the Zombear apocalypse to justice. "One of the best Indie Comics I've read in years" - Adrian Mursec - "Bearlands riffs off The Walking Dead but it is this pure uncut honey, rather than the zombies, that leads the story after the initial scene setting of issue one, and the series is all the better for it.... enough of a twist to raise it above the seeming hordes of other zombie titles around at the moment" - Jeremy Briggs - "Great, and gruesome... one of the most colourful and vibrant horror comics available right now! A great balance of light and dark, both in the artwork and in the writing (for a horror comic this is also one very funny book)!" - Phil Wheat - "Biggs presents us with information but does not rest to let it sink in. Instead he throws us a curveball, and the reader is propelled along – not a single line is wasted." - Alex Harris - Geek News Network


Publisher - Subversive

Author(s) - Jeremy Biggs


Published Date -

ISBN - 3344363210012

Dimensions - 23.4 x 15.6 x 1.3 cm

Page Count - 184

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