Animal Therapist Business Planner (A5 Purple)


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It is finally here! A Planner, exclusively designed for the Animal Therapist! Great things should not just begin in January, so this A5, 12-month planner is undated, enabling you to optimise your business at any time of the year! It also includes motivational quotes throughout to inspire you to keep striving and working towards your goals. The planner begins with space to: • Write your name, business name and contact number • Outline your dream business • Define your niche • Organise your work/life balance goals • Define your current business • Create your year goals • Design and review project ideas • Plan and organise your CPD For each month, the planner has space to: • Write the month and year • Provide a month-to-view calendar • Define your monthly goals • Create your monthly action plan • Plan and review your business social media posts • Provide a page per day for you to record your therapy appointments, whether you have been paid for each appointment, a to-do list, and a notes area • Review the month: number of clients, proportion of clients, whether clients represent your desired niche • Write client testimonials • Calculate and record your monthly turnover, expenses, and consequent profit • Reflect on the month: what went well, what could have gone better, whether the monthly goals were achieved, consequent learning points for the following month, whether you are on track for your year goals and what you need to do to ensure you achieve them • Journal your gratitude for what went well in the month After 12 months, the planner provides space to: • Review and report the number of followers on your social media, number of clients, total turnover, total expenses, and consequent total profit • Review whether you have achieved your year goals and/or your dream business • Plan for what is next for you and your business • Veterinary contacts • Provide a small number of blank pages to enable you to use as you please


Publisher - Steph Evans Ltd (VetPhyspro)

Author(s) - Steph Evans


Published Date -

ISBN - 9781919605005

Dimensions - 21 x 14.8 x 3.4 cm

Page Count - 570

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