Anatomy of a crime

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This is a tale of duplicity, immorality and collusion leading to the advent of the licenced informant. On a cold dark January night a group of men departed from Liverpool, their destination the town of Worcester. They planned to invade the main postal sorting office and steal the contents of the vault. All of the men were career criminals. Unbeknown to the band of robbers the plot had been compromised and they were being lured into a bloody police ambush. A fierce encounter ensued resulting in the capture of the robbers. The author suffered gunshot trauma to the chest and arm inflicted by armed law enforcers. The police covertly encouraged some criminals to practise their craft in exchange for setting up others-but their trails were expertly covered by high-ranking officers and proving the identities of these conspirators was impossible. This book gives a first-hand account of the oppressive prison conditions of the late twentieth century, particularly under the Thatcher regime. It is a snapshot of the penal system from the perspective of one prisoner who accepted his punishment but didn't accept the abusive behaviour of the prison officers. By the time the Author was released, the nature of crime had changed. The violent crimes of the career criminals were being superseded by the more insidious crimes of the drug dealers.


Publisher -

Author(s) - Tom Smith | Tom Smith


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ISBN - 9781911175063

Dimensions - 20.3 x 13.3 x 1.7 cm

Page Count - 216

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