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The George Medal, along with the George Cross, was instituted by His Majesty King George VI on 24th September 1940. His desire, that the many acts of bravery being performed on home soil, in a type of warfare never experienced before, and primarily by civilians for whom military awards were inappropriate, was the driving force behind their creation. The medal has been awarded to civilians and military personnel over the past 75 years, all of whose names are contained within this register. Never before has a register of the George Medal been produced that presents the information behind the awards. It stands as a testament to the selfless acts performed by the men and women within its pages.


Publisher - Worcestershire Medal Service Ltd

Author(s) - Philip McDermott


Published Date - December 18 2023

ISBN - 9780995553118

Dimensions - 29.7 x 21 x 5.4 cm

Page Count - 842

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