A Gigolo's End

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An imaginative insight into the sexual awakening of a young man (Monty Bellamy) who, at an early age, decides to live entirely for pleasure, using his God-given talents to bring a smile of considerable satisfaction (and so much more) to a seemingly endless chain of needy, grateful and generous women, regardless of age. The character is alive and identifiable and will strike a chord with many, highlighting a hedonistic lifestyle of which some may dream and others will envy. It kicks in with pacey intrigue and the momentum continues throughout almost forty years until it reaches a bitter-sweet and justified denouement. It is a strong and entertaining read, suggesting that we may be hearing a great deal more of Len Russell - Martin Pedrick - Author of In the Front Line and The Urbane Terrorist In his own inimitable style, Len Russell has done it again. Following on from his autobiography, Len's story on the high seas and his detailed knowledge of such a life, has us hooked from page one. The protagonist, Monty is a bold and colourful character, not unlike his creator and it's Len's undeniable understanding of how people tick that vibrantly brings all the characters to life in the most unusual way, giving us a peephole into a gigolo's life (and all those he 'touches'). The result is often funny, sometimes sad but always enthralling. - Ken Balneaves - Author of The Greatest Gift and Drifting Sands Drawing on a grand English tradition that harks back at least as far as Tom Jones and A Rake's Progress, author Len Russell creates a ribald and at times cautionary tale about 'Monty from Watford'; an earnest young man who unwittingly evolves from handsome seaman to one of international society's most sought after gigolos. Relying on a mix of charm and the reputed size of his 'Utensil', Monty cuts a swathe through the lives of socialites from Monaco to Miami. Erotic, hilarious and endearing in equal parts. - Dan Witters - Author of The Carrington Effect


Publisher -

Language - English

Author(s) - Len Russell


Published Date - September 02 2015

ISBN - 9781784562496

Dimesions - 20.3 x 12.7 x 3.6 cm

Page Count - 436

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