A Coronation of Love


Title: Paperback
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Dispatched by Queen Victoria at the tender age of eighteen to the sun-drenched land of Saria to marry its King, innocent and lovely Aldrina is shocked to find that her husband-to-be is old, sick and bedridden. That he soon passes away is no surprise – but she’s alarmed to find she’s now expected to this rule this nation she barely knows as its Queen. Worse still, she’s pursued by the abominably rude and depraved Prince Inigo, who lusts relentlessly after the Throne – and her body… 

Fearing she’ll be forced into another unwanted, politically convenient marriage, she flees to an isolated “Fairytale Palace” by the sea where she meets a Greek God in human form as she helps him haul his boat ashore. “Thank you – I did not expect a Goddess to help me!” says this impossibly handsome stranger – the Apollo to Aldrina’s Aphrodite – as Fate changes her life forever…



Publisher - Barbara Cartland

Author(s) - Barbara Cartland


Published Date - July 04 2023

ISBN - 9781788676830

Dimensions - 20.3 x 12.7 x 1.1 cm

Page Count - 190

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