26x2 Intricate Colouring Pages with the New Zealand Sign Language Alphabet


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De-stress, focus, relax, and be creative with the NZSL Sign Language alphabet and this inspirational colouring book full of intricate designs.

This title belongs to a unique series of beautifully illustrated sign language colouring books for grown-ups for many hours of meditation, creativity, and stress relief.

  • 26x2 coloring pages with the NZSL manual alphabet.
  • Featuring a huge variety of professionally illustrated intricate designs.
  • Two copies of each design for your convenience and additional colour experiments.
  • Single-sided designs and blank reverse pages to prevent bleed-through.
  • A colouring test page for your favorite pens.
  • NZSL Sign Language alphabet reference chart included (approved by Sign Language experts).
  • Link to an additional set of free NZSL alphabet charts optimized for desktop printers – including a free distribution license!

Looking for a different sign language alphabet colouring book? We have variations of this colouring book with the following alphabets: 

  • American Sign Language alphabet (ASL / 26 letters)
  • Irish Sign Language alphabet (ISL / 26 letters)
  • Filipino Sign Language alphabet (FSL / 26 letters)
  • Danish Sign Language alphabet (DSL / 29 letters)
  • New Zealand Sign Language alphabet (NZSL / 26 letters)
  • Australian Sign Language alphabet (AUSLAN / 26 letters)
  • Deutsches Fingeralphabet (DGS / 31 letters)
  • Österreichisches Fingeralphabet (ÖGS / 30 letters)
  • Deutsches Fingeralphabet der Schweiz (DSGS / 31 letters)

All manual alphabets were approved by sign language experts. Most manual alphabets differ from each other – some more than others. Sign language alphabets are generally not interchangeable!


Publisher - LegendaryMedia e.K.

Author(s) - . Lassal | . Lassal


Published Date - August 16 2018

ISBN - 9783864690440

Dimensions - 21.6 x 21.6 x 0.6 cm

Page Count - 112

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