2023 day per page Diary, moon phase, gratitude journal: How to set, track and achieve goals using the energy of the moon + New Moon Manifesting Ritual + Full Moon Releasing Ritual


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Goal Planner
Goal Tracker
Gratitude Journal
Daily Moon Phase Diary for 2023
New Moon Manifesting Ritual
Full Moon Releasing Ritual

This workbook has been created to help you achieve your goals by tapping into the changing energies of the moon as she progresses through her 29.5 day cycle.

There are worksheets to help you make the most of the lunar energy during the dark, new, and full moon phases every month, and also for the 2 equinox days and 2 solstice days. The monthly reflection worksheets enable you to easily keep track of your progress.

The daily pages identify the phase of the moon and includes a list of recommended actions in order for you to fully benefit from the energy during each of the 8 moon phases.

This is where you note your goals for the day and track your progress, making sure you stay focused on the action plan you devised at the new moon.

There's a space for notes about your day and a space to note what you are grateful for and to identify any lessons learned.

You will find new moon ritual worksheets in the book each day the moon is new. These worksheets guide you through a step-by-step process to set your goals and create a plan of action.

The full moon ritual worksheets help you to identify and release what's been holding you back so you can move forward and achieve the goals you have set.

The book measure 6"x9" which is slightly larger than A5.


Publisher - Dawn Bradley

Author(s) - Dawn Bradley

Wire Bound

Published Date - October 15 2022

ISBN - 9781804670941

Dimensions - 22.9 x 15.2 x 3.1 cm

Page Count - 551

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