Maisie's Blueprints: A (Double Donor) Donor Conception Story for Two-Mom Families


Title: Hardback
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“The birds and the bees for the donor-conceived generation.” -Melanie McGee Bianchi/Editor/Bold Life Magazine

Maisie adores her Mommy and Mama. Mommy and Mama are architects, and while walking together to her first day of school, Maisie learns that they helped design one of the houses in the neighborhood.

Upon arriving at school, Maisie learns that her neighbor, Emmett, has a new baby sister who was created "with lots of love and a little bit of science."

Maisie begins to wonder about how he was made and rushes home after school to find out the answer.

Together, Maisie, Mommy and Mama explore what it means to be donor-conceived and how generosity and genetics combined to create a home built not just by architects, but by love.

This book is for two-mom families who have conceived using both donor sperm and donor egg.   

A perfect companion to guide parents and children through joyous discussions of their unique genetic stories.”
-Dr. Hutton M. Kearney Hereditary Genomics /
 Mayo Clinic

“With gentleness, meatphor, lyricism and love, Sharon Leya explains the complex concept of donor conception, genetics and pregnancy so that a child can learn, appreciate, and love how they came to be. This is an important tale, gracefully told.” 

-Jeffrey Kluger, best-selling co-author of “Apollo 13” and the new novel “Holdout”


Publisher - Orange Puffin Playgrounds

Author(s) - Sharon Leya


Published Date - March 25 2024

ISBN - 9781963715217

Dimensions - 21.6 x 21.6 x 0.5 cm

Page Count - 30

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