Hack Your Flights. Complete Guide to Everything Air Travel


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Did your last flight leave you annoyed and disappointed? Pay too much for your ticket? Kids jumping around and shouting when you wanted to sleep? Exasperated trying to negotiate that new airport? 

There are tons of ways a flight can turn into a tiresome ordeal. Thankfully, Hack Your Flights is the answer to all these and other issues in all aspects of air travel including ticket prices. 

Hack Your Flights contains hundreds of hacks, tips, tricks, and expert advice to satisfy even the grumpiest, most picky air traveller!

Make your next flight the smoothest, most enjoyable flying experience yet, and learn about new innovations you may never have heard of in air travel. 

Check out and benefit from these guides:

  • Most Liked and Most Hated Airlines—to consider when choosing!
  • Top travel credit cards in various categories—find the ones suitable for you!
  • Airline safety ratingsan eye-opener, and airlines you should avoid!
  • Best mobile apps for air travellers—especially airport apps!

Enjoy this all-in-one resource for EVERYTHING AIR TRAVEL


Publisher - bookvault

Author(s) - Harold Waltberg


Published Date - December 23 2023

ISBN - 9780648613404

Dimensions - 20.3 x 12.7 x 1.3 cm

Page Count - 224

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