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Cross the World's Largest Sand Desert in this Epic 1930s Adventure

In 1930, British explorer Bertram Thomas set out to be the first non-Arab to traverse the formidable Rub Al Khali - Arabia's vast and unrelenting "Empty Quarter." Against all odds, he succeeded.

Now, for the first time, modern readers can venture with Thomas into uncharted territory to uncover:

  • The gripping, true story of Thomas' grueling 1,500 mile quest and the winding road to make history.
  • Fascinating insights into desert culture from a Westerner immersed in the Arabian way of life.
  • Vivid descriptions of oasis towns and sweeping sand dunes captured in rare archival photos and illustrations.
  • Thomas' key role in the romantic legend of finding Arabia's 'Atlantis of the Sands.'
  • Photography of Salalah, Doha, and other stops on Thomas' journey adds understanding of the journey.

Cross the Rub Al Khali through Thomas' eyes. With crucial context on this British trailblazer and his impact, rediscover the timeless allure of Arabia's empty quarter.

This is a fascinating account of a groundbreaking expedition and ideal for anyone interested in Arabia and its people - order today before the price changes.



Publisher - Arabesque

Author(s) - Ibn Al Hamra | Bertram Thomas


Published Date - March 23 2021

ISBN - 9781838075637

Dimensions - 22.9 x 15.2 x 1.9 cm

Page Count - 334

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