Reflections on Turning 60 - Vol 2.


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Brahana Selassie is a product of the African-Caribbean Diaspora from Grenada. As a young man of twenty in 1975, he discovered and then became a convert to the unique ancient multi-layered world of Ethiopia’s ancient Nile Valley civilisation. He then immersed himself in studying its origins and continuity into the 20th century. Two out of an unbroken chain of precious pearls he discovered from his studies are: * Ethiopia’s possession of the cradle for the scientific study of the origins of the human race in its section of Africa’s Great Rift Valley in the Afar Triangle. * Its rich biblical faith and life heritage, associated with the sacred ancestral family unit of Abraham, Sarah and Hagar that gave birth to three of the major living religions of the world: Judaism, Christianity, Islam. Receiving the Ethiopian Orthodox Priesthood in 1980, Brahana Selassie has matured into a multi-skilled communicator involved with various dialogue partners, in which he has shared chosen topical subject areas of Ethiopia’s wealthy galaxy of precious and unique mystical treasures, as it relates to Africa’s people on the continent, in its diaspora, and with the international community of scholars. This is the author’s third publication with senior production teams around Upfront publishers, who came into his publishing life after Minerva Press when into voluntary liquidation in July 2002. Upfront merged with Copytech UK in the autumn of 2004. The new company added Fast Print publishers, and more recently the Great British Bookshop is associated with its business orbit. Copytech, its parent company, has been trading for some years now as Print-on-Demand World-Wide. In this first instalment of a two part work, Brahana Selassie invites his readers to an exhilarating voyage of adventure with him, through an introduction, followed by four chapters of compressed nutritionally rich historical fruits about some major reflections which has shaped the sixty years his life has now reached.


Publisher - Upfront Publishing

Author(s) - Brahana Selassie


Published Date - October 06 2021

ISBN - 9781784566432

Dimensions - 21.6 x 13.8 x 1.9 cm

Page Count - 329

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