Mind the Gap


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The author decides on a mid-life change of direction and takes a job as a drystone waller and assistant shepherd on a high fell farm in Cumbria. This farm of 6000 acres is completely enclosed and that means many miles of drystone walls and many gaps to be minded. Restoring with stone through the seasons and helping take care of a flock of 2000 Swaledale sheep is a tough learning adventure for somebody who first heard ‘Mind the Gap’ on the London Underground as a commuter. This story is shared in gentle, welcoming prose and some wonderful photographs. Gradually at first, and then too quickly, it becomes clear that the writer’s immune defenses are being weakened by mysterious gaps inside his body. These gaps can only be minded with specialist medical help beyond the farm. This is a book to have and hold in your hands as you would hold and assess stones for restoration. Its design expresses a respect and feel for the ancient crafts of drystone walling and shepherding, still so essential for most mountain regions in Britain and the world.


Publisher - Upfront Publishing

Author(s) - Terry McCormick


Published Date -

ISBN - 9781915012203

Dimensions - 20 x 20 x 0.4 cm

Page Count - 64

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