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College Success Concise serves First Year Experience, Student Success, and College Transition courses, and can also be used as a supplementary resource in courses across the curriculum. With the input of hundreds of instructors and academic success experts, the authors carefully prioritized the most critical topics to align to briefer courses. The offering covers material such as college culture, time management, mindset, study skills, test preparation, financial literacy, health, and planning for the future. While much of the material is very similar to the original College Success book, this version was holistically edited and updated. Users will see additions such as a new section on group work and greatly expanded coverage of stress management and wellbeing.


Publisher - Independently published

Author(s) - Amy Baldwin


Published Date - May 14 2024

ISBN - 9781739015527

Dimensions - 27.9 x 21.6 x 1.3 cm

Page Count - 235

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