Our Honest Charlie Wood


Title: Paperback
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The true story of Charles Wood, a runaway boy from the slums of Hull who rose to become Champion Jockey. A triumph that nearly destroyed him. 

During the reign of Queen Victoria the aristocrats owned everyone and everything to do with racing. Until their servant, Charles Wood, dared to break free and become a wealthy master in his own right, part of a revolution in the way horses were trained and ridden.

In a brutal attempt to wrest back control, the Jockey Club singled him out and dragged him into a scandal. They wanted to ruin his good name and drive him out of racing.

His reputation was all but destroyed. But had they picked on the wrong man?

Determined to defy his enemies, after nine years in exile, Charles Wood launched his comeback. Not in a small way but in the biggest race in England. Everything hung on that one race. Winning meant redemption. Losing would finish him as a jockey forever.


Publisher - Mabel Publishing

Author(s) - Josephine Carr


Published Date - December 16 2019

ISBN - 9781916130104

Dimensions - 22.9 x 15.2 x 1.7 cm

Page Count - 240

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