Childhood 6.7 A History of Family Socialization and the Education and Schooling of the Human Being


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CHILDHOOD 6.7, drawing on extensive, thorough and multi-year research, ist a story of childhood and at the same time a critique of civilization. It is a passionate plea and manifesto for children to once again be allowed to grow up humanely and "species-appropriately", for a new appreciation of family socialization and for complete freedom of education.

"Finally a book that brings together a wealth of arguments in such a well-founded way - the whole to demonstrate that our education system cannot go on as before. Hopefully, it will soon become reguired reading for all those responsible for child rearing and education, and favorite reading for paarents."

Gerald Hüther, neurobiologist, bestselling author

 "Childhood 6.7" is a masterpiece that not 'only' conveys a wealth of researched realities but that also enriches them with insightful interpretations..."

Hans-Joachim Maaz, psychoanalyst, bestselling author



Publisher - Michael Hüter

Author(s) - Michael Hüter


Published Date -

ISBN - 9783200083509

Dimensions - 22 x 14.8 x 2.7 cm

Page Count - 472

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