The Grief Garden Path

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Have you lost somebody close to you? This book can help you to deal with loss, grief and bereavement. ?It?s important to remember that everyone?s journey of grief is personal and individual. However, there are similarities for everyone in the process of grief. My aim is to help everyone to understand that there really is some light at the end of the tunnel, and to help them on their journey towards it.? The Grief Garden Path is easy to read, with plenty of practical advice, which you can dip into whenever you have time. Chapters include information about the ?grief path?, and outlining the types of grief you might experience. You?ll find simple exercises you can follow to help you going forward. There are also tips to help you feel better, even on your worst days. You?ll be able to share personal stories from people who have experienced the loss of people very close to them, including their own tips on how to cope. At a time when you might not feel able to join a group in order to share your own feelings, we are sure that you will find it inspirational to hear about how others have coped with the pain of losing a loved one. Julie New is always happy to hear from anyone who is struggling to overcome personal setbacks. You?ll find her contact details on her website: Linda Magistris, the founder of the Good Grief Trust ( has included a foreword. Other books written by the author of The Grief Garden Path: 'Who are the flowers in your garden?' is Julie New?s first book in the series. It is full of inspirational stories which can help you to start flourishing personally and professionally, as well as reflect on your life. It is available in hardback, as an ebook and as an audiobook.


Publisher - The Endless Bookcase

Author(s) - Julie News


Published Date - November 27 2019

ISBN - 9781912243839

Dimensions - 15.2 x 15.2 x 0.9 cm

Page Count - 93

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