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Spermatozoa are highly specialised cells. Because reproduction ultimately depends on the ability of spermatozoa to fertilise ova, these cells have been under intense selective pressures leading to the evolution of an outstanding diversity of shapes, functions and behaviours. The widespread occurrence of sperm competition has also favoured specific adaptations designed to outcompete rival sperm.
To achieve fertilisation spermatozoa face many hurdles. They have to actively reach the ovum by means of their motility and the regulation of the energy required to fuel it. Sperm cells need to interact with the ovum by exchanging appropriate recognition and activating signals and then have to penetrate the ovum vestments and deliver its DNA successfully. This multiplicity of tasks makes the spermatozoon unique among cells.
Understanding mechanisms underlying sperm formation and function represents a formidable challenge which has required the development of sophisticated methods that are gradually revealing a fascinating picture. The knowledge gained by the study of spermatozoa has allowed the manipulation of reproduction to an extent which was unforseen some years ago. Assisted reproductive techniques are presently used to overcome fertility problems in human patients, to avoid inbreeding and enhance reproduction among endangered species, and to maximise efficiency in domestic animals.
This book reveals the enormous potential that the study of spermatozoa has to improve our understanding of basic questions about evolution and about cellular function, and to develop new ways of manipulating sperm cells for applied purposes.


Publisher - 5m Books Ltd

Author(s) - E.R.S. Roldan | M. Gomendio


Published Date - July 24 2023

ISBN - 9781789183085

Dimensions - 24 x 17 x 2.6 cm

Page Count - 552

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