The Secret World Government


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Marie Antoinette, Napoleon, Queen Victoria, the 13th Dalai Lama, and Joseph Stalin, on the one hand . . . and George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Franklin D. Roosevelt, on the other.

What makes them different?

The answer: The first group rejected the warnings from the Secret World Government, known as Shambhala, resulting in their personal or their nations’ declines: Antoinette was executed, Napoleon was defeated, the British Empire lost all its vast territories, Tibet was captured by China, and Russia turned into a totalitarian dictatorship.

But the second group heeded the advice given by the Secret World Government, resulting in the powerful development of the United States.

A secret for many years, this book by Helena Roerich — the favorite author of Elvis Presley — provides the first-ever evidence showing how the Secret World Government helped the United States during the Franklin D. Roosevelt presidency.

It outlines profound principles for becoming a true leader who can guide any nation to prosperity by building just relations between the people and the state according to the laws of cosmic beauty.

“My father and I spent several days with the Roerich family. It was a memorable visit with a gifted and amazing family.”
— Indira Gandhi, first and only female prime minister of India

Buy this book now to discover the enigmatic powers that shape our world!


Publisher - Radiant Books

Author(s) - Helena Roerich


Published Date - April 24 2023

ISBN - 9781639940318

Dimensions - 21.6 x 14 x 1.2 cm

Page Count - 212

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