Shibbolei haLeket


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In the 13th century, Zedekiah ben Abraham Anaw wrote one of the most important Halachic works in history, the Shibbolei haLeket.  Since then, several editions of this monumental work have been published, but none have conveyed the complete oriignal text of the author.  This two volume set, exposes a manuscript that was writtein in 1260, while the original author was still alive!  No Beit Midrash is complete without this essential edition of one of the all-time classics.


This bundle contains both volumes.


Publisher - Wieder Press

Author(s) - Zedekiah Anau | Moshe Tzvi Wieder


Published Date - December 05 2023

ISBN - 9605843000043

Dimensions - 0 x 0 x 0 cm

Page Count - 0

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