I'm Alright. I'm Only Hurting


Title: Paperback
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‘Shame dies when stories are told in safe places’   Gebhardt Berndt


This is a true story of how an innocent, Jesus-loving little girl suffered the traumatic sexual abuse at the hands of a close relative and others. Her world was already full of illness, hospitalisation and fear. As her life unfolded, so did the challenges.

Alongside the ever-increasing mental torments grew a sustained desire to know her loving Heavenly Father; a relationship which would carry her through it all. 

Letting go of the past takes bravery, trust and a belief that there is a future worth living for. This story unpicks the complexities of damaged thinking caused by abuse and trauma and begins to set in motion the journey of healing and restoration. This road is by no means complete, but many new things are discovered along the way and her past is beginning to be left there… exactly where it belongs. 



‘Sexual abuse; a private deep dark pain that isolates the soul’ Pippa Rafael


Publisher - Freedom Publishing

Author(s) - Pippa Rafael


Published Date - March 12 2024

ISBN - 9781913181772

Dimensions - 22.9 x 15.2 x 0.9 cm

Page Count - 168

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