God makes all things beautiful in His time


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A remarkable true story, of one woman’s faith in a faithful God.


She was going to be the fourth wife of a famous Muslim, but God had other plans for Rita C. Joy Vincent. Plans that took her into a white garment church where she slept on the floor. Plans that rescued her from armed robbers, saved her from prison in Nigeria, kept her safe when she was homeless, without money, and alone in a strange land.

God took her from West Africa to London, to care for her two bereaved nieces. He gave her the words when she had to speak in court, to fight for her right to remain in the UK. And finally, He fulfilled a promise given to her years before, as she married, at the age of fifty-four, the only white man in the church she attended.

This book contains many testimonies of God’s protection, provision and help, that will encourage all those who are going through difficulties. God makes all things beautiful in His time is an uplifting, feel good book, which will strengthen the faith of readers. Rita’s life changing encounters with prophets, in the UK and Africa, will fascinate those who are interested in the prophetic.


Publisher - Lighthouse Publishing Limited

Author(s) - Rita C. Joy Vincent


Published Date - October 10 2022

ISBN - 9781913181864

Dimensions - 21.6 x 13.8 x 0.9 cm

Page Count - 160

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