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Has your dream of authorship turned into a collection of half-finished manuscripts? Inspired by a great idea only to face burnout in the messy middle? Are you terrified by the evils of editing?

With over a decade of experience in indie publishing, best-selling author and specialist in process streamlining Christy Nicholas has real-world expertise in transforming the practices of both novices and seasoned pros. And now she’s here to share eye-opening techniques to stop blundering around the keyboard and finally type The End on that novel.

Extreme Planning for Authors is a no-fluff, straightforward, actionable guide to transition from a wannabe into a skilled and confident writer. Featuring examples both personal and professional, each easy-to-read chapter focuses on concrete skills to help you break through any blocks and push the publish button. And by implementing these core concepts, you’ll embark on a journey of self-fulfillment, unparalleled growth, and creative freedom.

In Extreme Planning for Authors, you’ll discover:

  • Sections on preparation to take out the guesswork and jumpstart productivity
  • How to tackle publishing and marketing to make that hard work pay off
  • Ways to plot out your writing path and turn getting your words drafted into an exciting adventure
  • Workbook exercises to stay on track and convert lessons into ingrained knowledge
  • Powerful tactics for crushing editing, and much, much more!

Extreme Planning for Authors is a down-to-earth and effective manual for anyone hungry to call themselves a wordsmith. If you like clear and concise explanations, advice culled from years of know-how, and in-the-trenches guidance, then you’ll love Christy Nicholas's accessible handbook.

Buy Extreme Planning for Authors to craft a must-read today!


Publisher - Green Dragon Publishing

Author(s) - Christy Nicholas


Published Date - December 21 2023

ISBN - 9606624000177

Dimensions - 22.9 x 15.2 x 1.5 cm

Page Count - 271

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