Going to Kindergarten with G: First Day of K


Title: Paperback
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Join G on this heartwarming kindergarten journey with G as she discovers the magic of learning, friendship, and navigating life's challenges. With the love of her mom and the guidance of Mrs. Hendricks, G explores the joys of school, laughter, and personal growth. This delightful story is a celebration of new beginnings, nurturing connections, and the resilience found in a supportive environment. Inspired by her experiences, G also aims to assist other kids in understanding their emotions, guiding them to ask for help and use positive self-talk to overcome challenges. It's a tale of compassion, friendship, and the strength that comes from embracing and navigating emotions together.


Publisher - Paris Publishing LLC

Author(s) - Randi Paris | Nikki Hendricks | Giuliana Paris | Cindy Sonia


Published Date - February 19 2024

ISBN - 9798986898643

Dimensions - 17.8 x 22.9 x 0.4 cm

Page Count - 74

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