Fore-play, Fair-play and Foul-play


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Happiness is not a luxury; it is our birthright. This bold statement is the ‘golden thread’ that runs through the tapestry of this book on Emotional Assertiveness. Fore-play, Fair-play and Foul-play covers what emotions are, the link between emotion and feelings, child development and parenting, the place of love and relationship and the central role of respect in achieving more happiness in our relationships and lives. Learn to recognise the difference between healthy and unhealthy emotional expression, and recognise that there are no negative emotions, only how we communicate emotion.

John Parr has built a model to help people who like to think, get in touch with and use their emotions, and for those who have strong emotional responses, to think clearly. This book will help readers curious to learn how to problem solve their emotions and consequently, achieve healthy and mutually satisfying outcomes. The author provides practical tools for effective relating by expressing authentic emotion and reducing destructive forms of conflict. The book provides applications to day-to-day life, including family, working relationships and teams, as well as bringing emotional assertive behaviours into schools. The Emotional Assertiveness Model is built upon 25+ years of clinical psychotherapy practice and personal research as well as 30 years of management consulting practice.


Publisher - Emotional Assertiveness International ltd

Author(s) - John Parr


Published Date - December 06 2022

ISBN - 9781947635555

Dimensions - 21 x 14.8 x 1.5 cm

Page Count - 270

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